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The product is a medium to long term use product, not one that’s purely cosmetic, giving instant results.

Absolutely! It’s best combined with Either the Beverly Hills Cell Repair or our Baverly hills Firm3 Serum.

If you are looking for an instant cosmetic only effect, then it would be the instant facelift.

It’s to use under your moisturiser or makeup – although if you use less and massage it in well it won’t dry white. I had the same problem when I first used it as I don’t wear make up. It works really well and keeping the wrinkles at bay, but you do have to do a double check in the mirror before you go out!

The product is largely used by itself as it will also moisturise the skin, but a moisturiser can be used 30 minutes after application, when the product has fully absorbed.


Many, many of our clients do.

It clearly varies from person to person, but with the right application, between 4-8 hours, pending heat, exercise etc..

The product is best used with nothing underneath, but can be mixed either 1/1 or 2/1 with a liquid foundation to give the skin a burst of moisture on application.

The product can be used on any colour skin.
As it’s a serum, very little needs to be applied. The product can also be mixed 2/1 with a liquid foundation, which makes it ideal for any skin tone.