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There’s nothing like a striking pair of eyes to give you a stunningly feminine look. Beauty from KL Killer Lashes contains everything you need to nurture and promote new eyelash growth, plus easy-to-use mascara and liner to perfect your look. It’s the easy and effective way to feature your best feature… your lashes!

Create killer lashes

Black Felt Tip Eyeliner


a killer combination

Ultimate Lash Extender Set


Your shortcut to enchanting lashes

Conditioning Growth Serum


Natural-looking luxurious lashes

Clear Mascara


Easy Remove Black Mascara




"It was very quick and easy for me to add applying this lash serum to my night time skincare routine. It's just like applying eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes and it only takes a few seconds to do."


"I wore this mascara for the first time on Saturday and my hairdresser who is also a beauty specialist asked if I was wearing eyelash extensions."

Carol Scott

"This stuff delivers giving killer lashes, it looks like you have falseys on . Dead easy to use you just apply the mascara and then the fibres and then another layer of mascara to seal the fibres."

Ms simplydebs

"I love this lengthener! So simple to use, I apply it daily before bed. No eye irritation notes, no redness/discomfort. I love how long my lashes are now! It took a few weeks to see results. I’m glad I was patient!"

Amanda and Pam

"I have been using this product nightly as directed for about 6 weeks. I haven’t worn mascara in awhile, and when I went to an esthetician friend a couple days ago to have my lashes tinted and she commented on how long my eyelashes are! I got home and curled my lashes and I was so impressed!"

Natalie A Devlaeminck

"I have spaces in my lashes where my lashers fell out due to stress. This has been a godsend. It takes some getting used to and a couple of passes with both the gel and the fibres to get the look. But persevere it will pay off for you."


I've used this mascara for years and its the only one I ever use! Usually put a layer of a good waterproof mascara on top to seal it off and it literally doesn't budge but comes off quite easily too. Even when in contact with water it stays in place perfectly. Love how you can build it up for a more dramatic look if you want too.


AMAZING mascara! Anyone who liked the original Younique fiber lash mascara will love this, it seems exactly like it to me. So glad I found this.

Ashley Crawley
Los Angeles, CA

This eyeliner is amazing!!! Bought once and right away ordered 2 more. Easy to apply and stays on pretty long. I like to do a long tip and this is easy to do it with. By far, favorite eyeliner.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: KL Killer Lashes Xtreme Eyelash Conditioner uses a peptide called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 to increase the proliferation of lashes by strengthening and stimulating the cellular foundations from which the lashes grow. After 2 weeks of daily use, users saw a 25% increase in eyelash length. 

Answer: The 3D Mascara Set includes a black mascara this is waterproof. If you are looking for an easy to remove mascara without any water proof feature, we recommend our Easy Remove Black Mascara.

Answer: The fibers must have a base to adhere to. First, apply the mascara as normal, then apply the fibers second rolling the fibers away from the eyes. Once fibers are attached, go over the lashes again with mascara and repeat process–mascara first, then fibers–until your desired thickness is reached.

Answer: The eyelash serum is applied along the base of the top and bottom lashes. We recommend applying the product at night and giving it two plus weeks to assess results. 

Answer: Absolutely not! We have been involved in the industry for 20+ years. All our Formulas are registered with both the EU & FDA.

Answer: At KL Killer Lashes and Beverly Hills, all our products cruelty free and none of the ingredients used are ever tested on animals.

Answer: It clearly varies from person to person, but with the right application, between 4-8 hours, pending heat, exercise etc..

Answer: The product is best used with nothing underneath, but can be mixed either 1/1 or 2/1 with a liquid foundation to give the skin a burst of moisture on application.

Answer: The product can be used on any colour skin.
As it’s a serum, very little needs to be applied.
The product can also be mixed 2/1 with a liquid foundation, which makes it ideal for any skin tone.